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Rene Magritte ~ "The Lovers", 1928

The origin of these disturbing images has been attributed to various sources in Magritte’s imagination. Like many of his Surrealist associates, Magritte was fascinated by ‘Fantomas’, the shadowy hero of the thriller series which first appeared in novel form in 1913, and shortly after in films made by Louis Feuillade. The identity of ‘Fantomas’ is never revealed; he appears in the films disguised with a cloth or stocking over his head. Another source for the shrouded heads in Magritte’s paintings has been suggested in the memory of his mother’s apparent suicide. In 1912, when Magritte was only thirteen years of age, his mother was found drowned in the river Sambre; when her body was recovered from the river, her nightdress was supposedly wrapped around her head. <source>

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Indigo… Photographer Antonella Arismendi


Her work has always been especially inspired by spirituality and astrology, and the latter is what inspired her fourth story for Ben Trovato: Indigo.

I am so fascinated by astrology that it’s a bit hard to avoid the influence it has on my artwork,” she confirms, adding: “- The message in Indigo is simple: we are always looking for answers. There are other realities we can’t see, we are just a reflex from the space on earth, like the Kybalion says: as above so below.

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Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

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